Celtic-Plus is …
  • The Telecommunication and ICT Cluster under the umbrella of EUREKA
  • Open to any organization ready to contribute to the industry-driven European ICT research programme
  • Participation takes place through project proposals to regular project calls (next Call deadlines see Project Calendar)
  • Collaborative Celtic-Plus projects are financed through public and private funding
  • 500 private and public organisations have participated, including
    large industry players, small & medium-sized enterprises and academic/research institutions

Celtic-Plus strengthens the competitiveness of the European industry by fostering European R&D cooperation in telecommunications, and the well-being of the society by stimulating innovative information and telecommunication services.

Celtic-Plus focuses on telecommunication and ICT connecting people and businesses in a secure way.
Key topics include network capacity, optics, satellite, mobility, security, robustness, energy efficiency, 5G, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Industry 4.0, Automotive Telecom, Fintech, e-health, big data, Internet of Things, privacy, identity and public safety.


Celtic-Plus stimulates and facilitates innovative, industry-driven, precompetitive R&D projects in the area of telecommunications, new media, future Internet, and applications and services focusing on a new ‘Smart Connected World’.
It continues its bottom-up, industry-driven approach; includes flagship projects with significant impacts; intensifies the promotion of activities for the new societal challenges and for attracting new partners.

Examples of Celtic-Plus Research Areas

Celtic-Plus gives proposers almost limitless freedom in regard to what research topic they can explore in their ICT research projects. The philosophy of the programme is to facilitate projects in a bottom-up way, thus offering projects the chance of both evolutionary as well as disruptive innovation in all relevant ICT areas, without limiting their creativity and ambition.

The following topics are not prescriptive and are only meant to give you some idea of the wide scope of Celtic-Plus projects:

Networking and Cloud:

“Networking and Cloud” address everything needed to establish, run, support and secure a communication, including the infrastructure and connectivity aspects. Key topics of current and future Celtic-Plus projects are related to network capacity, cloud computing, optics, satellite, mobility, security, scalability, robustness, and energy efficiency.
Current topics in this area include:

  • 5G, the next generation of mobile and wireless networks bringing broadband to everybody
  • Cloud computing enabling ubiquitous access for storing and processing data
  • Internet of Things with its sensor networks including billions of sensors and activators
  • Energy efficiency to reduce the enormous amount of energy current ICT requires
  • Satellite and its convergence with terrestrial networks
  • Network deployment, operation and management to for economically sustainable networks
  • Security, privacy, identity and public safety, including critical communications infrastructure

Services and Applications:

“Services and Applications” tackle all aspects once a communication is established, including requirements for end-to-end services and applications. Key topics of current and future Celtic-Plus projects are Smart Cities, Smart Homes, digital enterprises, e-health, big data, 5G related services, terminals, as well as horizontal end-to-end services, like security, privacy, identity and public safety.
Current topics in this area include:

  • Smart Cities and smart homes, which may require a cross-sector approach, supported by the EUREKA Smart City Intercluster MoU
  • Digital enterprises to ensure that European enterprises stay competitive within the global markets
  • E-health solutions in response to the challenges of the aging European population
  • Big data, including the related research challenges for, e.g., data capture, storage, analysis, transfer, and privacy
  • The wide variety of terminals, from simple telephones over Smartphones to complex multimedia units

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