The Celtic-Plus Core Group consists of currently 19 members from 11 countries. Members of the Core Group are mainly from the European telecoms industry. The Core Group is responsible for the general policy of Celtic-Plus and its research activities. Many project proposals are driven by Core Group members.

ATOS Research, Spain Nuria De Lama
nuria.delama (at)

Jose-Maria Cavanillas
jose-maria.cavanillas (at)

BT British Telecom, UK Graham Reeve
graham.p.reeve (at)
Deutsche Telekom, Germany Riccardo Pascotto
Riccardo.pascotto (at)
ERI_UF_cmyk Ericsson, Sweden Anders Caspar
anders.caspar (at)
Eurescom, Germany David Kennedy
kennedy (at)
Orange-Labs, France Valerie Blavette
valerie.blavette (at)
Gemalto, France Christian Dietrich
christian.dietrich (at)
INDRA, Spain Antonio Cuadra Sánchez
acuadra (at)

Elisa Gayol Cuervo
egayol (at)

Italtel, Italy Paolo Secondo Crosta
paolosecondo.crosta (at)
 NETAS-logo NETAS, Turkey Gonul  Kamali
gonul [at]
Rıza Durucasugil
rizad [at]
Nokia, Finland Jari Lehmusvuori
jari.lehmusvuori (at)
Olivier Audouin
RAD Data Communications, Israel Yuri Gittik
yuri_g (at)
Siemens Convergence Creators GmbH Martin Zach
martin.zach (at)
Telefonica-Logo-blau-72dpi Telefónica I+D, Spain Luis Ignacio Vicente
livdo (at)
Telenor, Norway Patrick Waldemar
patrick.Waldemar (at)
THALES SIX GTS, France Sylvie Raynaud
sylvie.raynaud (at)
Turkcell, Turkey Isil Ozkan
Selda Kocak
Ozgun Algin
ozgun.algin (at)
Türk Telekom, Turkey Mustafa Ergen
mustafa.ergen (at)

Celtic-Plus Core Group Observer

                imec imec, Belgium
Stefan Van Baelen
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